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Tell me in your own words the story of your animal's illness - what you first noticed in the beginning, how it has changed over time, etc.  Use the following questions as a guide to providing this info, which is key to finding the right homeopathic remedy to help your animal.

1.   Tell me about your animal - name, age,  breed, gender, spayed or neutered; and how long have they been in your life?


2.   What is your main concern at this time?


3.   Describe symptoms you’ve noticed in as much detail as possible.

  • Does anything make symptoms better or worse?

  • Are symptoms better or worse certain times of day or night?

  • How is animal’s thirst?

  • Any behavior changes?


4.   Any history of past health issues?  Treatments or surgeries?

5.   What is the diet, and any changes recently?

6.   Current medications?


7.   Vaccination history?  Most recent vaccine?

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